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Capelin Media

is the trading name for freelance sound recordist & engineer Simon Jones.

I provide sound recording services for the broadcast and music industries, mostly working on location, but with a helping of studio and editing/mastering whenever possible. The key strands are:

Music Recording & Post Production

A smaller but highly rewarding part of my business is devoted to music recording, editing and CD production. This harks back to my origins as a graduate of the highly acclaimed 'Tonmeister' Music & Sound Recording degree course at Surrey University. As well as pure recording work for record labels and radio stations with national performers, I take great delight in helping talented musicians with local appeal through the recording process to the delivery of their own CDs.
  • Music Recording
    My expertise lies with acoustic music - anything from folk-singer to full choir and orchestra, via jazz trio and rock band, and predominantly recording on location rather than in a studio. Having said that, I have a number of studio-based albums to my credit. At the end of the session or concert there is always some further work needed to tidy a live performance or edit items from a session - that requires:
  • Editing & Post-Production
    Although I have wielded a real razor blade among reels of ¼-inch tape, from my earliest days in the industry I have been using digital audio, and I have used a wide range of digital editing tools: most recently SADiE and Nuendo systems for music editing and CD mastering, and Shortcut 2000 and Cool Edit Pro for quick and basic functions.

Broadcast & Sound-for-Video

The vast majority of my work is in this sector, and neatly subdivides into two strands:
  • Sound for "Portable Single Camera" video production (PSC)
    Working in a small, close-knit team often comprising just a sound recordist with a cameraman and director, this type of work is the backbone of most documentary, current affairs and daytime television broadcasting and promotional and training videos in the corporate video market.
    Typical programmes include Animal Hospital, Songs of Praise (the bits between the singing!), Tonight with Trevor MacDonald, and documentaries on The Moors Murders, farming and football referees.
  • Outside Broadcasts
    Large events that involve taking the contents of a television or radio studio on the road. A large crew comprising riggers, lighting and power technicians, caterers, sound/camera & VT engineers, VT editors, production personnel, PA, vision mixer and director. Typically used for sports - golf, football, Wimbledon, the Commonwealth Games, and entertainment - awards shows, concerts. These events can often bring to site a larger and more complex facilities than the resources available at the headquarters of a broadcaster like Channel 4!! Smaller versions are used for satellite news gathering, events for radio, and even corporate communications and video conferencing in multi-national companies.

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